collect the materials: felt, embroidery floss, 1 pipe cleaner, beading wire (I used #34), a bit of wool, optional: two beads for eyes
cut 1 body piece and two wing pieces

cut pipecleaner into a bit longer piece than body, turn ends under and wrap with wool progressivly so that one end has less and the other end more

sew the felt body around the pipe cleaner. I used whip stitch

add eyes (you could do embroidered eyes instead of beads)

now thread a needle with beading wire (just turn a small end under, no need to twist), and sew around the wings starting in the center. It is helpful to take as many stitches at once as possible without pulling the wire through - wire wants to kink and you want to avoid it, before pulling the wire all the way through always make sure it is not twisting or kinking

now do the same with the second wing. Twist leftover lenghts of wire together

now twist the leftover bits of the two wings together

cut extra bits off and turn under

figure out where on the bodydo the wings go (you want the body seam to run straight on the underside)

mark where the twisted bit of wire meets the body

now make a small hole in that spot

and tuck the twisted wire into the body

now take some thread in the wing color and sew the wings to the body, first on the top

then with tiny stitches on the underside of the wings

you are done!