Sprout craftalong

felt in light and darker green, brown, cream
embroidery floss in coordinating colors
one pipe cleaner
wooden bead
a bit of wool batting

Cut out pieces: 2 brown body pieces and 4 seedpod pieces (2 lighter and 2 darker green) and green leaf piece and collar and a cream hat

Better picture of felt pieces

Bend pipe cleaner ends over so that it would not be sharp

Put leaf in the end of the pipecleaner and attach by wrapping floss tightly around

Slide bead onto the pipecleaner

Sew on hat

Dab some glue on the head all around and press the hat down

Bend pipe cleaner over and wrap in wool batting

Sew half of the body closed, then put sprout body inside and sew the other half

Gather at neck

Gather collar

Sew around neck and attach with a few tiny stitches

Sew together the seedpod. Sew through all 4 layers as shown

At this point sew only through 2 layers to create opening

Put the sprout baby in the seedpod and you are done!

First photo shows baby without collar, you can omit it.