two pumpkins from Living Crafts magazine, both hollow. Embroidery courtesy of Liisa :)

needle felted fox

tapestry series: seasons. this started as a picture of a winter tree I made at a wet felting class. I wanted to develop the idea further and ended up with four panels that now adorn our living room.





wet felted purse, made as a sheet of felt and then assembled by needlefelting. the reason it was made as a sheet of felt first is that the felting class I took had two sessions and in the second part we had to do something with a needle to the piece we made in the first class. I did not want to add anything to my seasons panel so I made a new piece of felt and turned it into a purse.

needle felted birth art. after needle feting I wet feted the piece to make it sturdier. The background is a sheet of wool batting. the colors are actually brighter -- the weather was cloudy and it shows on the photo

spring theme mobile

needle felted body, wool felt wings

needle felted wings, wet felted body

my second needle felted thing - a turtle

my very first needle felting project - a canoo for a mobile (the mobile itself is not done yet, person inside it is a bendy figure, wrapped pipe-cleaner and fabric body)

wet felted tapestry I made for a Christmas present, sadly it got lost in the mail

wet felted picture on a base of a sheet of wool felt (cover of a feltboard)

the inside of the feltboard is not felted but I put a picture of it here anyway

wet felted balls (done by hand, no help from the washing machine or drier)

my very first felting project - wrapped pipe-cleaner animals from a kit from Magic Cabin.
the animals are wet felted. originally the giraffe came out more wobbly, I fixed the spots and skin on better once I had learned of needle felting