felt covered hairclips (barettes)

felt paper dolls, made in 2008 for a Christmas swap on sewingmamas.com
I made two sets, one had a box and the other didn't
Liisa has similar set and over the years it has grown into quite a game, every time it comes out some new accessories need to be cut :)

tossing game five stones, made for swap on sewingmamas.com 2008, made total of 4 sets plus one for keeping

knitting bag I made for a friend´s birthday - she had just learned to knit. It is made of upholstery fabric and is fully reversible

fabric baby book. The pages are made of cotton fabric (some flannel, some calico), the designs are made of wool felt and stitched on with blanket stitch

valentines I made for my little sister-in-laws. made from two layers of wool felt. I attached a cord so that thoy could hang them on their doorknobs.

walnut shell baby

Christmas gnome

wooden peg king figure. I had a kit for making it in a Christmas/Advent calendar I made in 2003

playhouse sewn from cotton, filled with thin sheets of foam that came as padding for some piece of furniture when we bought it. no pattern whatsoever used. and quite frankly, I haven´t seen anything similar ever either

some dolls that live in the house
pocketbabies, made froma pattern in ¨Kinderdolls¨

pocketmama, made from dollhouse doll pattern in ¨Kinderdolls¨ minus the pipe-cleaner frame

my very first teddy bear. made from fleece that was left over when I made a fleece hat smaller :) pattern from the internet

wooden figures I  have carved with my swiss army knife while camping
dinosaur - to prove that it is possible to make something out of a straight stick