series of clay sand castles I made for a swap. these are still wet and need to dry for about 3 days. originally I planned to paint them with acrylic sand colored paint to seal but the one I painted looked so much worse than the unpainted that I decided to leave them in their natural state. the castles are between 2¨ and 2.5¨ tall

and close up

from another side

series of nine dragons I made for a swap. these are made without any pattern whatsoever

two-headed sea dragon

red Chinese dragon

purple hearts dragonbaby

black night dragon

dark red dragon

fire dragonbaby

yellow sand dragon

green forest dragon

light green dragon from the mountain meadows

Mother Earth doll set that I made for a trade with Kristina. they are made from the instructions in the ¨Nature Corner¨ book. mother Earth is 18 cm tall and has wool roving hair. she comes with a knitted shawl and a velour cape. root children are filled with rice

more pictures of mother Earth

sailboat, originally made to be part of a sea theme mobile, now one of the nature table things

Mother Earth and root children from ¨The Nature Corner¨ book

little birds

my Easter bunny, needle felted

my Easter hen and chicks in a felted egg
the hen is froma pattern in ¨Toymaking with Children¨ and the chicks are from ¨All Year Round¨

duck and duckings, made for my second nature table swap
one set

all ducks together

set of bugs I made as trade for some playsilks

rain cloud I made for my first nature table swap

sprout baby I made for my first nature table swap

mouse made from a walnut shell. I drilled small holes for the ears and tail, the bottom is glued on piece of felt

wool felt gnomes stuffed with wool fleece. made from the directions in ¨Earthways¨