doll house sized waldorf dolls I made for Liisa's 3rd birthday (2008). Modelled after our family, jointed arms, clothes removable

this is a blanket style doll I made for my baby. It is made of merino wool sweater that I felted in the washing machine. Its head is covered in cotton and stuffed with wool, hands and feet are also stuffed with wool. And inside the hat is a little bell that jingles. This doll is made without a pattern, I just took the felted sweater and started sewing

this is my first big waldorf doll. I call it Nukk, which stands for ¨doll¨ in Estonian. Nukk travelled with us through half the US because I just didn´t have the heart to put it in storage with all of our belongings. so by now its face and hands-feet are a bit discolored from being in a sunny camper for over two months. the doll is made at a workshop with Joy (Joy´s Waldorf Dolls) and is supposed to be 16 inch honey but it is more in the 17 to 18 inch range :)

this is a doll I made for my little sister-in-law, when she was adopted from India. it is a 13 inch little love doll from a kit from Joy´s Waldorf Toys. the doll has hair out of thick yarn because my new little relative was still just a wee little girl

this is a doll I made for my other sister-in-law so that there wouldn´t be any hard feelings as for who gets a doll and who doesn´t. is is also from Joy´s kit and it wears a wig I crochet! The other dolls have all bought wigs.

this is a 16 inch button baby doll made at a doll making workshop with Joy from Joy´s Waldorf Dolls. it is button jointed so it can move arms and legs and sit unassisted

this is the doll I made for a woman in my prenatal yoga group. it is based on a doll from Karin Neuschütz book, I just looked at the pictures and made the doll without using the pattern. the doll came out about 9-10 inches tall. (can´t tell the title of the book though, it is in Japanese and I can´t read it :)

smaller dolls I have made from patterns in ¨Kinderdolls¨