April 2007

For Easter we dyed eggs. Did you knowthat there are things like food coloring markers?

This is Liisa's first real Easter.

David's egg

and Liisa's

and mine

and another one of Liisa's

It suffered a little fall in the middle of coloring but that did not seem to matter.

Liisa discovers the joys of watering. We have an old iron cauldron that is kept filled with water and it is a perfect spot to fill a little watering can.

David started rotatilling the land and the greenhouses get covered with plastic.

We plant our first things outside. These are really just stumps of lettuce from these pots of lettuce they sell at the supermarket. If you cut the leaves off and plant the stump it will grow you new leaves!

And of course, they need to be watered!

Inside the table by the southern window is flourishing.


It got so warm that Liisa, after being forced out of wet clothes, ran around naked. The next week came another snow, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that.

here's the cauldron Liisa takes the water from

Oh, and by the way, did you know that this spring it is in to wear your underwear on your arms?

In the mornings we sit on a sofa in the kitchen.

We have one built in closet. To make more use of the space David adds some shelves to it.

Liisa wants to climb up too

but can't quite reach

One time that we are in Tallinn we come across a playground. Liisa knows exactly what to do, the past three months have not yet erased the memory.

Our little window starting garden is getting too big. I have to actually prune some tomatoes off, too many seeds sprouted.

Liisa is into arts a lot.


or should I say performances?

Can you draw with both hands at once?

This calls for a small prize. A snack of sugar.