In the beginning of April we went on a little getaway with a few other people, all with small children. We went to Whidby island and stayed at Jenne farm.

Liisa loved the grass. It rained most of the day but towards the evening the sun came out and we let her loose on the grass. Took quite a few changes of clothes :)


We slept in the bus. This picture was taken in the morning after we woke up. The camera had been in the colder part of the bus so it fogged up.

Getting dressed for the day

The sink was the perfect place for keeping the potty

Luggage was overhead

It was Liisa´s first encounter with a pig

She really wanted to touch it

but seeing the big teeth it had we decided against it.

They had a nice red barn in the farm

and lots of little flowers

This is the building where the rest of the people stayed at

and another view of the barn

The second day was nice. It was just so good to sit on the grass and do nothing..

Before leaving for home we went to the beach. Liisa had never seen so many yummy stones before!


David tried to distract her

but it was in vain

she just wanted down!

So we gave her lutt and she could play with stones in peace

David´s friends Aaron and Carol (they were the only people without a baby, because she hadn´t been born yet)

And Cinnamon and Mark (at least I think that was his name). Their baby Winter is hidden on his daddy´s back.

This is Sara who organized the event and her baby Phinneas (Phin for short)

and his daddy Fred.

Liisa didn´t care about the people though, she just wanted to explore

It was very tiring, she fell asleep on the way back and just slept and slept

as David was driving towards home

Some pictures other than the getaway

eating noodles

and sprouts