link to the invitation

Liisa's birthday picnic

Exploring a ball

am I really one?

Daddy, can I play NOW?

Aaron and Ella (around 11 weeks or so)


Katrin and Oliver

Birthday balloons. This is the first time we bought balloons for Liisa. Since she adores balls she loved the balloons. She played with them until they deflated (we still have the laydybug one about 3 weeks later)


Liisa and her cake (no frosting on top to make it less messy in the park)

blowing out the candle (well, actually I had to blow it out)

singing happy birthday


Alex, Anna and Iris

Aaron and Ella


Carol, Ella's mom

Katrin and Oliver

Liisa and her feet

Aaron, David, vanaisa and Liisa

Katrin and Oliver

Ella and Carol

Anna and Iris

Faith and Toomas (Katrin's son)


Liisa the treehugger :)

opening a couple of presents from Emily and Mina