Liisa fell in love with her car or pictures in pajamas :)


Kitchen floor is the best place for water play! Even if you only have about an inch of water..

In front of grandparents house, riding Mina´s bike

Mina eating



Liisa napping in grandparents house

Two grandmas with cameras stalking Liisa

Mina helped us pack


Road trip with my parents

vanaema and Liisa in Port Townsend, WA

On the campground. Liisa discovers rock climbing :)

Reading in the bus

In the morning, after a good (in my parents and Liisa´s case) or not so good (me and David in the tent) night of sleep

waterfall on Olympic peninsula


Liisa asleep in her carseat

In the tub

ground squirrel in Mount Rainier National Park

the view around us


thousands of blue wildflowers

Liisa didn´t feel like hiking so we stayed down while my parents hiked

the trail


Liisa climbing stairs instead of the mountain

Outing to the zoo

Mina on a carousel horse

and Emily

and me and Liisa


Liisa loved the carousel. She had no desire at all to come off

grandma, Mina and Liisa


two grandmas

Liisa is aleep in the stroller


Liisa in a train (the kind you put money in and it gives you a short ride, this one was broken but Liisa didn´t know it was supposed to ride anyway)

August 2006

outing to a u-pick farm

Liisa having a little snack


water play in a nearby river