The first time holding a rattle


Anna and Iris

Who is the cutest baby of them all?

The best way to suck on a fist

Can we both have eyes open and look at the camera at the same time?

The bestest thing in the world - sucking on a wet cloth wipe

Well, actually fingers are quite tasty too..

Emme´s lap is the best place to sit in

See. didn I tell you?

Going potty

Favorite place om the floor is the sheepskin - just best feeling for the toes

Napping under the blanket her grandma knitted

The bedroom; actually this picture is to show how it looks behind the windows around the middle of October

Showing off her new sweater - knitted by grandma

Getting ready to go out

For a while this was the favorite thing to chew on

Enjoying time on the tummy