Six month birthday. We bough teething biscuits. This is the first time that we actually gave Liisa something to eat (she had grabbed stuff before). Her first baby food



This is the ¨after¨ picture. Or you could call it ¨before¨, before washing that is :)

As you can see, she thinks eating is rather enjoyable activity

Wake up, wake up, timet o go and take a bath!


I frogged the sleeves of David´s sweater to reknit them Liisa helped


On the weekend of 28th of January we went camping. These pictures are taken in the morning, after having slept in the bus.

we were packing stuff up and Liisa was tired. So she sat in the carseat and as it was raining she had an umbrella

David having some hot tea for breakfast

Driving home

Last week of January. I made some delicious squash puree for Liisa, first pureed food

She didn´t think much of it, actually all of it came right out again

However, a bit later I was eating breakfast and she managed to grab some bread. Now that went over much better

February. After going to the store I put Liisa on the bed to take my clothes off. She managed to wiggle to the shopping bag and found the edible stuff straight away