Walk in the arboretum

This is Liisa´s first time swinging. She loved it!




Later in day we went to another park to swing some more.




Lazying around on the bed in the pajamas she got for Christmas

Sitting on the shoulders is so much fun, especially with all this hair to pull :)


Apparently some of us don´t think hair pulling is fun...

One day I carried Liisa home facing out in the ring sling. She didn´t want to be in the stroller so I got to carry her instead. Well, at least stroller carried the food.


Liisa eating a pear


Sometimes we just hang out on the sofa

Liisa and David are sleeping. It is morning, around 8:30am

After Liisa figured out  crawling, her first adventure was a venture into our bedroom closet

Peach puree is so yummy!

But what is that?

Oatios are better!

Some food from the spoon does actually make it into the mouth

Every bathtime is finished by shaking off the water

Liisa is showing off her new pajamas and a mug she got from grandma


Visit to grandma´s 

Mina is quite a little lady already

..well, at least sometimes she is :)