In the birth center, two and half hours after birth


5.30 am, we are already at home! Liisa is sleeping and we are about to eat. I am starving!

Liisa from the angle I see her

First day of life, 7 pm. We get to change her diaper. Of course it had been on crooked and she made all her clother wet too. So we got to change clothes as well. And this left her toes out in the plain view. David is fascinated by them and takes several pictures.

Second day of life, 12.30 pm. WE have just given Liisa her first sponge bath. She was covered in blood when she was born and wwe decide it is time to get all that dried stuff off her crevices.


Second day of life, 9.30 pm. She is so small and yet when I hold her she feels quite heavy. But my shoulders are still sore from the labor.

Liisa is 3 days old! She was making faces at David but of course as soon as he tried to capture them with the camera she stopped.

Liisa spends most of her time in our arms, whether asleep or awake.

We need some stuff from the grocery store and I can´t explain to David exactly what it is, so we have our first outing. David carries Liisa in a sling. She is still only 3 days old.

4 days old. She is so small that most of our diaper covers are just huge on her. This means that we can use just a few of them and at one point we ran out. So we put a wool soaker on her. The soaker is meant for quite a bit bigger baby. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that all this talk about coordinating your baby´s clothes, well, it is a big bunch of crap :)

4th day. Who do you think is more tired?

David carries her in a sling and cooks a delicious frozen meal for us. Actually this is only the second time that we eat convenience food. On the first day at home David bought a few packages of frozen meals and so this is what we get to eat.

5 days old.



In the evening I get to feel the hormonal imbalance for the first time. One of my breasts is huge and just keeps leaking, it drips so that it soaks my breast pad, bra, shirt, my skirt, five or six wipes and dots even the floor with milk. Of course this happens at the time that David is out, He went to the store to get some bread and a movie and was gone 15 minutes at most. All of the sudden I just feel like crying. As he comes back my tears just start running. At this moment I can understand what baby blues or postpartum depression is. But I don´t have it. After about five to ten minutes of this, a hug and a big teaspoon of honey (sweet stuff calms you!) later I am completely fine again and can´t understand why on earth I got so out of myself. Anyway, then I go to take a shower and David has Liisa in a sling again. This position worked for them the day before but today she just keeps looking uncomfortable. Somehow they manage though and I take a nice long shower to get all the sticky milk off me.

Day 6. Today I am already more willing to put her on the sofa next to me when she sleeps. She takes a nice long nap, about an hour and a half, and I get all of our dishes done. Since neither of us likes doing dishes they were a bit piled up before I went to labor.