Wedding anniverary 2006

It has been 5 years.
It is pretty amazing, we have been married so long!
To celebrate the occasion we had a little 3 day weekend trip to San Juan islands, namle San Juan Island

We drove off from Seattle and after much singing and playing and driving made it to Anacortes, where we took a ferry to Friday Harbor, the port of San Juan Island

Luckily we didn´t have to wait in the ferry line for very long.

At least Liisa didn't think it was long :)

In Friday Harbor we bought some takeaway chinese food (Liisa decided not to sleep in the bus so she did not take a nap and was not in a condition to sit through a restaurant meal) and drove to our bed&breakfast. It was a nice place called Beaverton Valley Farmhouse. We ate our "fancy dinner" and tucked Liisa to bed.

She wore her new pajamas that I sewed and just barely managed to finish in time.

The next day started with the most delicious breakfast. It was better than words can describe. I mean who would believe anyway that breakfast was sublime? It was little omelettes baked in wee white ramekins, they had basil and tomatoes in them and they were flyffy and good. And some homemade mixed berry scones. The berries were fresh from the garden...
After eating and playing for a while we drove to Friday Harbor to look around.

After looking into this bookstore and other we bought some deli sandwiches and sat down for a lunch in a park.

Liisa did not eat but she did have some fun playing

and exploring the new environment


The park was right by the water

After lunch we drove back for a wee nap




And then we played in the living room or whatever you call the livingroom of the bed and breakfast. And afterwards we ate and put Liisa to bed and drank some wine.

The second breakfast was even better -- blackberry cobbler! If only we could eat this well all the time..

There was a rocking horse that Liisa LOVED


David got a wee present -- a shirt with my wedding wow (we wrote our own and mine and his were different).

Outside the house there was a little deck with some child sized lawn furniture. Some of us were rather fascinated by it :)


The bed and breakfast itself looked like this

This is a little cabin that they also rented. It was already booked, otherwise we would have slept there.

After hanging out for quite a while we packed up and started the drive back. First to Friday Harbor

then onto the ferry boat (and after that long and boring drive back to Seattle, during which, thankfully, some of us napped)

it looked just like this

We saw some sailboats

maybe one day we will go on our honeymoon on one of those?