December 2006. Saying goodbye.

Despite the fact that we were going to David's mom's place for Christmas, we got a little Christmas tree. A real one. Smelling of pine needles and sap and making various things stiky and dropping needles.

We didn't really have much decorationwise but we made do.

And really, a real tree is beautiful as it is too. At least Liisa thought so.  

This is a tapestry I felted for Anna. It is a tree of seasons. And it was a lot more colorful irl.
Next coming up is a selection of photos from the session of trying to get pictures for our Chistmas card.





Thes ones did not make it this year. Sorry. But here is what I came up with:


And here is what Liisa thought of it:

Since I felt our time in Seattle running out I brought the camera out more often.

Whether it was puddles in the park


joy from digging in the dirt

snacks in the swing

Joy from the sunshine

and from library storytime stickers.

Playing on a school playground with David's sisters


It was raining quite heavily, hence the snowsuit.

 We also went on carousel rides for part of our Christmas celebration. Downtown Seattle, Westlake square.


Liisa was mesmerized.


And then there were still the last reamins of the daily life.



even some knitting fit in

And then, my last pictures from Seattle, a little beyond point-and-shoot:

Just looking at this makes my heart ache for those days