December 2008

Even though it was the middle of the winter, I was sewing summer clothes because we were going to go to India in January

We got quite a bit of snow and thought it was fun
On our walks we hardly got away from our building

Liisa made snow angels

There was enough to sled
(just a few days ago I had gotten a sled, David laughed and said that there wouldn't be enough snow, that in Seattle it never snows that much)

In between sledding we went to cafes to have a mug of chocolate to warm up

Then it snowed more and more. In fact public transportation didn't come to Capitol Hill, you couldn't get a paper, they didn't bring fresh bread or vegetables to the stores. You could see people sledding on major streets because they were impassable for cars

We went grocery shopping by sled

If people thought that was a lot of snow, they were soon proved that that was just a pittance 

Seattle was a winter wonderland


Liisa and David went to a children's museum with Alex, Iris and Prospero. I went to Estonian Lace knitting class with Anna in the meantime. I just had to take Estonian Lace class being that I am Estonian and all. And it was fun.  Nancy Bush is a great teacher.

In the children's museum they had a room with sand 

and a great big bear

A Liisa heaven!

I sewed a dress for Liisa

Liisa sewed a dress for her bear

Meanwhile Christmas came and went and it was still covered in snow

In her stocking Liisa got a book

And in the evening we had a nice little Christmas dinner with Faith 

Liisa helped prepare the dessert


There were chocolate lava cakes with strawberries and whipped cream

Later there were presents under the tree

There were portraits 

Some were successful and some a bit less so

And on the Christmas day the snow had melted enough that we went to Olympia to David'd parents

The snow started melting a bit but there was still plenty


And then the year was over.