February 2007. Settling in.

Views from our yard.


The property has hedgerows (or partial hedgerows) on all sides.

Outhouse. Thank goodness, we have a real bathroom inside, heated and everything (the only place with electric heat, in fact) and we don't have to use this one.

Snowman in the front yard.

foggy morning

Our outbuilding and a woodpile. The outbuilding has also piles of wood in there


and other side of the said outbuilding.

Sunrise from the kitchen window.

South side of the house.

berry bushes (red currant and gooseberries, plums and damson plums in the back)

Going to check mail.

and our daily bread

With over -20 degrees Celcius outside the house was not too warm in the mornings

Liisa was probably the only one who did not mind it at all.

February is the coldest month. Some days all we did outside was checking mail. We had to walk along the driveway

past our signpost onto the village road

this is the start of our driveway, house is hidden behind the hedge or fir trees

but we walk into the village

to the mailbox (there is also a branching road there, hence all the signs with farm names)

And back towards home.

We also started our first seeds: peppers.

looks like the table has a lot of space but in the end we had to add acenter piece and it was all ful of little plants.

We fed the birds every day. Liisa made sure I never forgot.