The crops in our garden are getting ready. I thinned the carrots and came up with this:

and then I thinned the beets and ended up with this:\

The carrots and some beets became a stew and the rest of the beets were used for a spinach pie (well, that's what the recipe is called, for us it was beet leaf pie)

We finally managed to go camping. Of course it had to rain.

but we enjoyed our time anyway

The next morning it was rainy too

We walked to the seaside (the camping area was about 5 minute walk from a beach)

I got an urge to take some photos again

Liisa invented a game where she put little reed sticks in the sand. These were candles and she lit them with a stick "match"

while she made this:

I walked around and took pictures. This was the first time since before Liisa was born that I was interested in making photos for the making sake, not just to point, shoot, and document.



When we came back there were red tomatoes in the greenhouse!

Liisa ate this one

Due to plenty of rain everything is growing great

the three sisters have produced the first zucchini

And then it was Liisa's birthday

She got a couple of presents

David danced around wearing balloons

I made her a set of new clothes

We had a little party

with rides



dress up

it was lead by Maria Eliisa, daughter of my classmate from high school

It was a happy day.