March 2007. Looks like spring!

The seeds are sprouting!

We are harvesting the first crop: maple juice. Since this is not a sugar maple (these do not grow naturally in Estonia), it is only mildly sweet but still full of all kinds of nutrients and vitamins and stuff.

Liisa takes a sample.

The snow is melting

but it is still really cold when the sun is not shining on you
Liisa making pizza

Is it thin enough yet? How about if I test from the center?
(no picture of that because I had to jump in to rescue the situation)

On a warmer day we cut off diseased looking branches from the berry bushes (they get some kind of fungus on them, all these bushes are really old, I remember them being here when I was a kid)


Here's our cat enjoying the great outdoors

By the southern wall plants are coming out from under the snow. The green looking thing is parsley.

And I saw the first bug outside!

Inside the house we have a swing between the kitchen and living room. I remember swinging here as a child. 

I don't remember ever sleeping on the kitchen sofa though..
The snow is all gone. The patch of dirt is the field where we will grow the veggies once the ground thaws.


West side of the house.

David and my dad built a sandbox for Liisa.


and i get to dry laundry outside! It is finally warm enough that it won't freeze during the day.

Spring onions are sprouting on the south side of the house.

We get beautiful sunsets every day.

I knitted a small purse out of fabric. There is a sample of my "yarn" on the picture.

We ordered a big pile of wood for the next winter.

Lots of wood, man!

To add to the pile, on the first really warm day David and Liisa chop down a dead tree from the hedgerow.


By the side of the house the first snowdrops are coming out

And it is finally warm enough not to wear a sweater inside the house all the time.