May 2007

David's birthday with coffee and cake in bed

the cake has 4 candles, 3 in one color for the tens and one in another color for the ones

poof! and the wish became true..

We planted our tomato and pepper seedlings into the greenhouses

The two rows of plants already in soil are baby leaf lettuce and radishes

The other greenhouse has other seeds starting in two starter boxes. The soil outside is not ready yet.

Liisa had her lunches outside

She also had some of those radishes and managed to get herself all grimy while helping with planting.

I made a couple of dolls

I won a blogaversary raffle prize from Simmy at Echoes of a Dream and this is what I made from it.

While Liisa liked the dolls, she prefered them without clothes so I had to dig into my supplied and give her a couple of doll bases sans felt clothes as well.

The cat on some of that wood that has been stacked neatly

One glorious day we got a delivery of fresh manure.

It was a whole tractorload and we got it to fertilize the ground so that stuff would grow. The land here has high clay content and is not very fertile. To get a decent crop it needs some fertilizing every year.


First it had to be spread (we did all help, even Liisa) and then tilled in

Plants in the greenhouses were adjusting well


tomatoes starting to bloom

bell peppers already blooming

and little strawberries outside the greenhouse forming (these are cultivated form of wild strawberry, the berry gets up to half an inch in size when ripe)

red currant in bloom

chives flourishing.

The next day we planted the seeds


A few days later came a warm spell of almost 30 degrees Celcius for a whole week.

The kiddie pool was out

it didn't take long to get through all the swimmingwear 

We got a hammock.

there is nothing better than lying in it in the shade of a blooming apple tree on a hot day

In another few days we planted potatoes.

and then everything was in the ground and we could start waiting for it to grow