November 2008

We took Liisa sailing for the very first time. David had just finished his sailing course and wanted to show off. It was a gorgeous sunny day but on the water it was COLD.

The most important bit for Liisa was coco. We have a childrens book where a little girl drinks coco on a sailboat and this made the experience  so much better.

We got a bit of spray on the cabin windows 

But the sun was bright and sky blue, a rare November day

By the time we made it back to the marina the sun was setting 

The boat we took out was Catalina 25, the same one we bought in August 2009 


For Thanksgiving we went to David's parents as usual.
I cooked the turkey and Liisa got the drumsticks.

The table was laden with food

December 2008

As usual, we went on carousel rides once the Christmas carousel was up

And by the middle of the month got a wee Christmas tree. We had no decorations so everything had to be made. Mostly by Liisa. 


I sewed Christmas pajamas for all of us


my sewing space