Here are some patterns I have collected from the Internet. Some are from blogs and forums and some are from websites. To my knowledge there are no patterns that legally should not be here. If you see something here that you don´t think should be here, then let me know!

New craftalong!
palm tree by Zoe-Anne
If the pdf won´t open for you when you click on it, right click and save link target onto your computer. This is some problem with one version of acrobat reader. Internet Explorer seems to handle it fine, but Mozilla doesn´t.

    tea set
    elf finger puppet (in German)
    food (mostly veggies)
sewing patterns
    knotted doll pattern, knotted doll instructions
    dragon1, dragon2, dragon3, dragon4, dragon5 (beanbag type)
    Mother Holle (in German)
sewing patterns for felt
    spring fairy (in Dutch)
    elephant, just the pattern in gif file
    monster (paper in landscape format)
    sword (this pattern was not supposed to be on other web pages :(
fleece and wool
    geese (in German, very clear picture instructions)
    angel (in German, very clear picture instructions)
    sheep (in German, very clear picture instructions)
    snowman (in German)
    skating tin
    make a kit for making a wood boat

baby things

pencil roving knitting patterns
(page is in Estonian)

random cool stuff

how to make modelling beeswax out of hard beeswax blocks
knitted and then felted bowl
how to make rose beads